'Mubarak could be put on death row'

Fri, 15 Apr 2011 11:57:55 GMT
Egypt's judicial officials say former dictator Hosni Mubarak could be executed if found guilty of ordering to shoot anti-government protesters.

The head of Cairo's appeals court, Zakaria Shalash, said on Friday that if it is proven that Mubarak deliberately ordered government forces to shoot protesters, would face capital punishment.

"If proven, he (Mubarak) will receive the same punishment as the person who carried it out and it could reach execution if it is proven that peaceful demonstrators were killed with premeditation," The state-owned newspaper Al-Ahram quoted Shalash, as saying.

During his trial, Mubarak's former interior minister, Habib al-Adly has testified that the former president ordered him to use violence against protesters.

On Wednesday, Mubarak and his two sons were taken into a 15-day custody over accusations of corruption and abuse of authority.

Mubarak is in a hospital in the capital, Cairo, receiving treatment for heart problems.

Egyptian protesters say he must be tried for killing around 800 protesters during the country's popular uprising which led to his ouster on February 11.

Earlier reports said Mubarak and his former petroleum minister were also being investigated for corruption and selling artificially cheap gas to the Israeli regime.

The chief prosecutor had received evidence that Mubarak and Sameh Fahmy had sold natural gas to Israel and several Western countries for below-the-market prices.

Fahmy has recently told investigators that he was just carrying out orders from Mubarak.

However, Mubarak has rejected the corruption accusations as libel.


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