Production & Co-Production Opportunities

Press TV’s Documentary Production is committed to joining forces with local and international filmmakers to develop projects that effectively highlight the different aspects of political, social, cultural and other events around the globe.

Please feel free to send us your proposals for documentary production.

  • The Arab Spring: A follow-up of the events taking place in Arab countries after the fall of the totalitarian regimes as well as coverage of the ongoing struggles and their impact on other democracy movements in Western countries
  • Anti-Imperialism Movements: The popular struggle and resistance against multinational corporations
  • Democratic Process: In Europe, US and Persian Gulf countries, plus elections in the Arab World
  • Concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a small group in capitalist and monarchist governments
  • Economy: Capitalism, the 1% vs. the 99%, unemployment, corruption, inflation, consumerism, global economic crisis, pros and cons of the free market, and the on-going wars taking place despite the economic crisis
  • Powerful vs. Poor Countries: Political interference, double standards, democracy and human rights issues, globalization, industrial development , exploitation of natural resources, environmental pollution, drug testing, and the outcome of foreign aid and investments
  • Poverty: Immigration, food security, accommodation, homelessness, social equality in rich countries, energy, healthcare, and exploitation of human and natural resources in Africa
  • Intelligence, Secret and Security Services
  • Terrorism: Al-Qaeda, 9/11 attacks, concealed facts, origins, political and financial support of al-Qaeda
  • Wars & Conflicts: Children, occupation and invasion, mines, WMDs, weapons trade, nuclear bombs, military bases
  • Iraq War: The aftermath of the invasion, victims, destruction, depleted uranium bombs, psychological problems of soldiers, WMDs
  • Afghanistan War: Foreign military presence (Britain, NATO, US), Afghans’ conditions, revealed Taliban and British dealings
  • Prisons & Detention Centers: Torture & abuse, secret prisons, extraordinary rendition, Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp
  • Women & Children: Exploitation, sexual abuse, trafficking and other crimes against the rights of women and children which may lead to a lifetime of physical and psychological suffering, death or suicide
  • Racism and Discrimination
  • Human Rights: organizations, issues and challenges
  • Islamophobia and Anti-Islamic Tendencies
  • Ancient and Islamic Cultures & Traditions
  • International Fraud and Scams
  • Legal & Judicial Systems: Crime and punishment
  • Palestine & Lebanon: Struggles, resistance, social conditions

  • Email: production[at]
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