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'Education right, not for Palestinians'
Sat, 30 Apr 2011 17:55:51 GMT
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Al Najah University
Ally Ackbarally believes that visiting Palestine, seeing the people, eating with them and being segregated behind the walls has really helped him and his students learn the reality about the land.

Press TV interviewed Professor Ally Ackbarally, the Founder of University of Twinning Project about taking students to the West Bank to see and understand the horrific conditions Palestinians live in.

Press TV: First of all tell us about the Twinning Project and the point of taking students to the West Bank.

Ackbarally: This is one of the most important projects we as a university are working on. It's an extension of the Palestinian human right. The right of education is enshrined in all international law, and Gaza students and the people of Palestine are an exception to that freedom. Without education it's harder to achieve freedom and prosperity. That is one of the major issues for them.

Press TV: What do you think the students from Lester in the midlands of Great Britain learned from Al Najah University in Nablus?

Ackbarally: I can tell you when we came back all the students had changed including myself. I thought personally I knew what was happening in Palestine until I went there and saw the people, ate with the people and felt what it was like living behind the walls and checkpoints; we learned a lot.

When we came back we said we would not stop fighting for them. It makes a difference to them as well. What they are looking for is not charity, money, scholarships but friendship would give them hope that people from outside of Palestine are thinking of them and will be helping them.

Press TV: Students have been getting together to rally and calling for a student government. When you were there did you feel there was an action happening among Al Najah students such as a politicizing action?

Ackbarally: Yes absolutely. What we hear in the West is basically Hamas and Fatah are not working together, and cannot unite. But I can tell you on the ground that everyone I have spoken to, people from Fatah, PLO and HAMAS, they are all friends, and are all speaking to each other and demanding political unity. It's only at the high echelon of the political scene in Palestine that people are not agreeing.

On the ground everybody agrees that there needs to be political unity and Palestinian people are one and not divided between HAMAS and Fatah or Gaza and the West Bank.

Press TV: Does your Twinning project have a website?

Ackbarally: Yes, we do have a Facebook page. We have the student's union site as well that tells about our activities.

Press TV: How would people find you?

Ackbarally: They can find me on Facebook.

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