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Separate attacks kill 17 in Iraq
Fri, 29 Apr 2011 00:43:20 GMT
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Iraqi soldiers look at the debris of a Shia Muslim mosque following a suicide bombing in Baladruz in 2005.
A bomb explosion inside a Shia mosque in central Iraq has killed 10 people and injured 30 others, while 7 others were killed in separate attacks in the country.

An attacker detonated a bomb inside the Imam al-Hussein (PBUH) mosque in Baladruz, around 75 kilometers (50 miles) northeast of Baghdad, after evening prayers on Thursday killing ten men (including the bomber) and injuring 30 others, some in critical condition.

According to a colonel in the provincial security command, some of the injured are in critical condition, AFP reported late Friday.

In the town of Shahria, in Kirkuk, in northern Iraq, a car parked with explosives was detonated as a police convoy was passing nearby killing six people, including police Colonel Mohammed Mohsen and three other policemen. Three policemen and three civilians were also wounded.

In the Ghazaliyah neighborhood of west Baghdad, Brigadier General Mohammed Alaa Jassim was shot dead by gunmen. Jassim was deputy commander of the air force's Al-Muthanna base in central Baghdad.

Bombings and attacks remain a daily occurrence in Iraq, where some 47,000 American soldiers are currently stationed in the oil-rich Middle Eastern country.

The US has long eyed a prolonged stay in war-torn Iraq and has expressed reservations about withdrawing all American troops from the country by the end-of-the-year deadline.

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