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'US always backs totalitarian regimes'
Thu, 28 Apr 2011 17:49:55 GMT
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Bahrain's military court has sentenced four anti-government protesters to death, in a move to further crush the ongoing revolutionary movement in the Persian Gulf kingdom.

Press TV interviewed Rodney Shakespeare, the Chairman of the Committee against Torture in Bahrain, in London regarding the fate of the four protestors, and Washington's unbalanced stance towards the Middle Eastern nations.

The following is the rush transcription of the interview.

Press TV: How do you understand the situation in Bahrain today, especially as far as the torture of the civilians is concerned?

Shakespeare: Well, I believe I have just seen that death sentences have been handed down on four protestors who were only protestors, just protesting their democratic rights. This is an outrage, and it's being done by fascist perverts who get their kicks by beating up little girls.

You look at the scene as a whole, it is the torture and the killing, the razing of mosques, the burning of Qur'ans, and now the killing of people… A kangaroo trial killing of people were just trying to show a little bit of democracy. How dare these perverts do this? I want to comment, just now you mentioned the name of the crown prince. Do not use the name 'crown prince'. He is a scum. If he was a prince who is to become a king one day, he would stand for all his people. And what he is standing for is a tiny faction. He is no crown prince. He is a scum, and he is openly supporting... at the same time... so is the USA and the Zionists and the UK are behind these outrageous act of what is going to be the slaughter of four innocent men.

Press TV: You are mentioning the US and Britain, North American and European governments. They have been so vocal recently. You know in ... the cause of human rights in Libya. When it comes to Bahrain they are silent, why is that?

Shakespeare: The lying hypocrisy is on a scale which is actually getting .... It's beyond belief, because you see they are highly selective. On the one hand, they support Libya, they gain there of course, getting out to control Libya, get its oil and put the country into long debt, be open to the West, that is what they are getting up to there.

They're now demanding support for the opposition in Syria, at the same time they are supporting the deliberate killings in Yemen. They were supporting it in Egypt, they're supporting it in Jordan, and in Saudi Arabia and in particular in Bahrain. And behind it all is the deal between those corrupt totalitarian regimes, the USA and Israel. That is what it all gets down to. But this is now being exposed, the more these outrageous acts go on, the more the public are waking up to the complete lying hypocrisy, particularly the United States, which has always backed totalitarian corrupt regimes, and I cite all the regimes in South America which they backed for years.

The regimes in Southeast Asia which they backed for years and these corrupt fascist regimes in the Middle East. But going back to Bahrain... this is it, Hillary Clinton stated that the Saudis have a right to go into Bahrain and Bahrain has the right to invite them in to do the killing. The meaning of that is very clearly that any government uses its own troops to kill its own people. Fascism is entering the world and behind it... I mean the UK is in there of course but they are ... they will never stand up to the USA with implementing the Zionist policy which is introducing fascism into this world, and it's being done by the agents in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. There scums, the lot of them.

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