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Iran lauds Hamas-Fatah unity pact
Thu, 28 Apr 2011 06:57:26 GMT
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Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi
Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has welcomed an agreement between Palestinian Hamas and Fatah factions to form an interim unity government and hold elections within a year.

Salehi described the accord as an "auspicious and positive" step towards the achievement of historic objectives of the oppressed Palestinian people, IRNA reported on Thursday.

The Iranian minister also expressed appreciation for the efforts of the new Egyptian government, regarding the new pact between the Palestinian factions.

He said that unity between the two groups and resistance against the "Zionist occupiers (Israeli regime)" would help the Palestinians achieve their rights.

Salehi expressed hope that the unity deal would accelerate Palestinians' progress and lead to victories against occupiers.

The top Iranian diplomat also expressed hope for the immediate reopening of the Rafah Crossing and access of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip to basic supplies.

Delegations representing Hamas and Fatah came to an understanding on Wednesday in the Egyptian capital of Cairo, where they resumed unity talks.

The 'complete understanding' was reached "after talks on all the points, including the formation of a transitional government with a specific mandate and setting a date for elections."

The latest deal is expected to be followed by signing of a reconciliation agreement between all Palestinian factions in Egypt.

Hamas and Fatah have been at odds since Hamas won the Palestinian parliamentary elections in January 2006.

The dispute marginalized the faction's governance to the Gaza Strip -- a comparably smaller portion of Palestinian territories.

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