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Iran summons Bahraini charge d'affaires
Wed, 27 Apr 2011 14:35:19 GMT
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Iran's Foreign Ministry has summoned the Bahraini charge d'affaires following the expulsion of an Iranian diplomat in Bahrain based on unfounded allegations.

On Tuesday, Bahrain ordered the expulsion of an Iranian diplomat for alleged links to a spy ring in Kuwait.

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian on Wednesday voiced Tehran's protest over Bahrain's unfounded accusations against the Iranian diplomat.

Abdollahian stressed that the Islamic Republic would reserve the right to respond in a similar fashion.

The Iranian official slammed Manama's brutal crackdown on the Bahraini population and said, “The arrival of foreign military forces to Bahrain to suppress the people of the country has not helped resolve Bahrain's problems, but has turned its internal matters [into] regional [ones] and further complicated the situation.”

Since mid-February, thousands of anti-government protesters in Bahrain have poured into the streets, calling for an end to more than 40 years of the Al Khalifa rule.

On March 13, Saudi forces were dispatched to the Persian Gulf island at Manama's request to quell the widening countrywide protests.

Security forces have arrested hundreds of people. Scores of protesters have been killed and many others have gone missing during the Saudi-backed crackdown in the Persian Gulf state.

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