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Unknown kingdom found in China
Wed, 27 Apr 2011 11:57:26 GMT
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Archeologists have found an unknown kingdom in China's Shanxi Province.
Chinese archeologists have discovered a forgotten ancient kingdom during excavations in Linfen city in the country's northern province of Shanxi.

According to Xinhua, the kingdom is probably from the Xizhou dynasty (1046 to 771 BCE) and dates back to 1046 BCE.

Experts believe the engravings on the bronze wares found in the tombs show that the region was once under the rule of Ba Bo, or Count of the Ba kingdom, which had never been mentioned in historical records.

"The tombs gave us a chance to see the Ba kingdom that had been forgotten by history,” said head of the Institute of Archaeology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wang Wei.

“It also sheds light on the Xizhou dynasty's feudal system and technology as well as exchanges and integration of different ethnic groups of that time," he added.

According to deputy head of the Shanxi Institute of Archaeology, historical records of the kingdom might have been lost.

"Records of the kingdom might have been lost in history,” said Xie Yaoting.”It is also possible that Ba was among a cluster of small kingdoms and was neglected by ancient historians."

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