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'Bahraini FM shocked over grill'
Wed, 27 Apr 2011 08:47:45 GMT
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Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed al-Khalifa
The Bahraini foreign minister is caught off guard as journalists barrage him with questions about the violence inflicted on the Bahraini protesters by the Manama regime.

In an interview with Press TV, Husain Abdulla, a human rights activist and director of Americans for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain, elaborates on the Bahraini foreign minister's reaction to the criticisms on the severe suppression of anti-government protests in Bahrain.

Press TV: If you were hearing the comments being made there by the Bahraini foreign minister, what do you think about his response to the questions being raised?

Abdulla: He was completely shocked by the courage of the Western journalists telling him, basically, what his government was doing to the people. He was not used to this kind of open dialogue, openness, or freedom of press.

What he's used to is a journalist telling him “yes, sir”, and will ask him an easy question that will, basically, not put him on the spot to show him the brutality of his government towards his own citizens. When he said that they're not waging a war against the people of Bahrain, he was simply lying.

What do you call the destruction of mosques, the destruction of the [Hussainiat], the destruction of homes; the arresting of doctors, nurses, medical workers, women - three of them are pregnant, God only knows what is happening to them; killing people, torturing people, raiding homes at predawn and at midnight?

What exactly do you call that but waging war on the people of Bahrain?

Bahrain is basically under a warzone. It is undisputed. That is clear from the human rights organizations' reports, Western journalists, and reputable TV channels.

So, he is shocked and full of lies and propaganda.

Press TV: Another comment that the Foreign Minister made there was that he said that the time would come when the opposition will resume talks with the officials. A lot of political observers have been saying that the fact that the government has been expressing, in their words, this anger on the streets and this revenge is because they're trying to convince the opposition to enter a deal with it.

But, will Bahrainis, from this time on, want any kind of deal involving this regime?

Abdulla: No. I think there is no chance for dialogue anymore.

This regime has delegitimized itself. The al-Khalifa regime doesn't have any legitimacy in the government. They have broken every bridge between them and the people of Bahrain.

I strongly believe that any chance of dialogue or any talk of dialogue will be nothing but an outlet for this regime for its atrocities. I think the people of Bahrain are not going to participate in the outcome of this criminal regime.

Press TV: Could you briefly tell us what you think this regime will look like from now on. Is Bahrain headed towards some kind of civil conflict?

Abdulla: It will not be a civil conflict between the people and it never has been. It will be a conflict between the people and the al-Khalifa regime.

People are united under one banner. They want their freedom and they want a government that will respect their human rights, a government that is representative, a government that is elected directly by the people. And no more rule of a tyrannical regime that kills people openly and doesn't respect the people of Bahrain, and steals the resources of the country just for themselves.

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