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'Moroccans' demand of reform unheard'
Tue, 26 Apr 2011 14:02:07 GMT
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Kenitra prison in Morocco
Press TV's Rattansi & Ridley have interviewed a Moroccan dissident to shed some light on the country's rejected demands for justice and change.

Muhamed al-Guerbouzi, who has campaigned for years in an effort to bring the global attention to the hidden plight in Morocco, has provided Press TV with video footage from a prison in the country.

Press TV: Welcome Mohamed. Who are those men and what is their crime?

Mohamed al-Guerbouzi: These brothers are Muslims and they are practicing Islam, so when these things happened on September 11, …. and then the new law [was enforced] which is war on terror...

Press TV: What's it like for you? Because you have been apologized to, and I don't think we've ever had a guest on the show that has been apologized to by so many international media sources. They had said you were the mastermind of a Casablanca bomb. Is this the way justice is done in Morocco, that kind of conviction without trial?

Mohamed al-Guerbouzi: Yes. I met with a journalist and asked him what was all this about in the press about me and who was behind it. He told me Moroccan diplomats were behind it.

Press TV: Why do the Moroccan secret services have so much power in Britain though and the US?

Mohamed al-Guerbouzi: Well, because they have a good relationship with the West and the US.

Press TV: We could ask why the media is so gullible as well. If we go back to the video footage from the prison, we have some extraordinary scenes there. How was the filming done? Are you able to say?

Mohamed al-Guerbouzi: The scenes were captured by mobile phones. The problem is that the government says they will release the prisoners every six months, and they never follow through with their promises. So these people are innocent and are asking to be released because they have done no crimes. We need justice and independence.

Press TV: Let's hope the video does its job, then. The other thing is you're campaigning against the Moroccan regime. You have gathered outside the Moroccan embassy in London, recently. How wide spread is the unrest in Morocco at the moment?

Mohamed al-Guerbouzi: I am a victim of the Casablanca bomb also. I have been convicted for twenty years. I have been waiting for justice to prevail...

Press TV: Will the government change? You've got thousands demonstrating.

Mohamed al-Guerbouzi: I don't think so. Because there have been many promises of reform, with none of them coming true.

Press TV: If there is to be revolution in Morocco, what are the demands the people are making?

Mohamed al-Guerbouzi: Demands of justice, independence, and no corruptions in the judicial system, that's all they need.

Press TV: The king has promised reforms, in fact he moves quite swiftly, compared to other Arab leaders across the region?

Mohamed al-Guerbouzi: Yes, he has. But no changes have been made.

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