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'US keeps mum about Bahrain brutality'
Mon, 25 Apr 2011 10:02:23 GMT
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The Bahraini government continues its brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters with the help of troops from its ally, Saudi Arabia. It seems a case of a dictator, helping another dictator.

In an interview with Osama Alaradi, Bahraini physician from Detroit, PressTV has discussed the issue further more.

PressTV: How do you feel about looking at the crackdown on the people, especially on those who share your profession in Bahrain? As our correspondent was saying a number of medics have gone missing and there is no knowledge of their whereabouts?

Alaradi: I don't think I have ever seen such a thing happening in recent history and it is not only me saying this, it is what the human rights activists who went there and interviewed people and have written reports of atrocity that happened to the medical field and the medical people, say.

You know why this is happening; I think that the government is trying to do everything possible just to crackdown on everyone. After the protesters injured in crackdowns were taken to the hospitals, they were being questioned by military people in the hospital. And if they don't like the answer they were given by the injured, they immediately take them to a detention center and then no one will hear about them.

I know that one of my colleagues, who had served the ministry of health for more than 25 years she is a Gynaecologist, was called for investigation and then no one heard about her.

We are talking about highly trained professionals who have been arrested with no reason. I have never seen such a systematic abuse and systematic torture of medics in Bahrain. This is well documented.

PressTV: What is your assessment on the US government's reaction to the battle for freedom in Bahrain.

Alaradi: I think I should clearly differentiate between the American people and the government's behavior. You know it was obvious from the beginning that the US government would not do anything to condemn the Bahraini government. It's been more than two months now and we have seen not a single statement from the US against the government of Bahrain.

And the major thing that the US considers is that the Al-Khalilfa and the Al-Saud families are close allies of the US and they protect them and support whatever they do.

But here in the United States we see a very increasing awareness of people about what is going on in Bahrain. There have been protests in all major cities here in the United States. There were a lot of reports this week on TV or newspapers, condemning and describing in detail what is going on in Bahrain. I see a lot of sympathy from people here. So I think we should really differentiate between the government reaction and the people. I think anyone who has a mind and who has a heart and looks and sees and hears what is going on in Bahrain will never stay silent.

And I think it's the government of the United States that is staying silent and doing nothing. I don't know how they will continue to do this.

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