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NATO fires on Iranian fishermen
Sun, 24 Apr 2011 17:19:46 GMT
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A pirate stands watch off the coast of Hobyo, Somalia.
Iranian fishermen have narrowly escaped a NATO anti-piracy mission's strike on fishing boats in Somali waters near the coastal city of Hobyo.

On Thursday, a vessel carrying fourteen Iranian fisherman was reportedly caught up in an attack carried out by three helicopters from the international naval forces for the second time in as many days, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Hobyo Police Commander Abdiwli Hassan told Press TV's correspondent on Sunday that the Iranian nationals had been transferred to the town of Galkayo, about 750 kilometers north of Mogadishu.

Two of the Iranian nationals had been slightly wounded and three Somali civilians were reportedly killed in Thursday's raid.

The Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Mohamed Ali condemned the NATO attack and demanded an apology from the international forces.

An April 22 report by The Suna Times suggests the Iranian fishermen may have been held hostage at the time of the strikes.

According to the report, the Iranian hostages were first kidnapped in the Gara'ad area and were later moved to the town of Hobyo by the pirates.

However, conflicting reports suggest that they had come to Hobyo with prior arrangements for fishing purposes.

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