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Pakistanis slam US anti-Islam policy
Sat, 23 Apr 2011 05:24:39 GMT
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Pakistanis have protested against the US anti-Islam policy in the Muslims world. (File photo)
Pakistani protesters have condemned the US interference in the Muslim world's affairs as the anti-American sentiment spreads through the Asian country.

The demonstrators in the Pakistani capital of Islamabad demanded that all the Muslim countries unite against what they called anti-Islam US-Israeli plans, a Press TV correspondent reported Friday.

Assorted religious parties attended the Friday rally to express their anger against “US conspiracies to destabilize the Middle East.”

They also warned that the United States is seeking to create sectarian divide among Muslims in the world.

“We believe the unity among Muslims is the need of the hour, but unfortunately there are certain elements which are conspiring against Islam by following a policy of divide and rule,” a religious scholar told Press TV.

“There will be no peace in the country until we pull out of the US alliance,” a demonstrator said.

The US Central Intelligence Agency is presently utilizing lethal drones in Pakistan and Afghanistan, claiming that they are used to attack Taliban militants. However, many civilians have been killed in the US-led strikes so far.

Pakistani authorities have strongly condemned the attacks and urged Washington to stop them. However, US intelligence officials recently announced that they have no plans to halt the non-UN-sanctioned drone strikes.

Meanwhile, the United States is set to supply Pakistan with 85 small surveillance drones.

The plan, announced by a US official speaking on condition of anonymity, is part of the US military aid to Pakistan in 2011 that is estimated to be nearly $3 billion.

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