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Pakistan militants kill 8 Shia hostages
Fri, 22 Apr 2011 06:39:12 GMT
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Pro-Taliban militants, (file photo)
Taliban militants have killed eight Shia tribesmen in Kurram tribal region of northwestern Pakistan as the security situation further deteriorates in the strife-torn areas of the country.

Eight beheaded bodies were found on the roadside in Shehdanodand area of lower Kurram tribal region late on Thursday, a Press TV correspondent reported Friday.

The victims, along with 24 others, were abducted on March 25 when militants stormed a convoy of people near Bagan area and killed 11, including women and children. The fate of 24 other hostages is still unknown.

Local Shia leaders and clerics have strongly condemned the killings and vowed to fight against the Taliban in the region.

Earlier, rival tribes of Kurram Agency held a meeting in Peshawar to find ways to restore law and order to the tribal area.

Some reports have revealed grave instances of human rights abuse against Shias in the northwestern Pakistani city of Parachinar in Kurram agency.

Although Shias represent the majority population in Kurram, they are surrounded by Taliban-linked aggressive militants who have gone so far as to cut off roads over the past few months. The militants are also accused of kidnapping or killing those trying to deliver supplies to the Shia areas.

The killing of Shias is to such extent that has caused international outrage, with rights groups and regional countries, including Iran, expressing concern over the 'genocide'.

Despite an offensive by the Pakistani government against pro-Taliban militants, they have spread their influence in various regions, killing people and security forces on a daily basis.

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