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Toyota extends production cuts
Thu, 21 Apr 2011 06:42:45 GMT
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Japanese automaker Toyota extends production cuts in North America and China.
Japanese automaker Toyota has announced a decision to extend its production cuts in North America and China due to a shortage of car parts following Japan's disastrous earthquake last month.

Toyota said Wednesday that it would reduce its production by 70% from April 26 to June 3, the state-funded BBC reported.

The company's North American plants now operate on four-hour shifts, three days a week, from Tuesday to Thursday. The manufacturer is likely to cut its US sales target for the current year.

According to Toyota spokesman Mike Goss, nearly 30,000 employees would still be paid during the slowdown in productions.

Reports say the company lost the production of 150,000 parts in North America and 80,000 parts in China from March 11 to June 3.

Toyota says its plants in Japan would be operating at 30% to 50% of their capacity from April 21 to June 3 due to the shortage of spare parts.

The spare parts that are in short supply are mostly absorbers, body panels and pillar subassemblies.

On March 11, a 9-magnitude earthquake struck off the northeastern coast of Japan, unleashing a devastating tsunami that ravaged the area.

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