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Pakistan rally supports Bahraini people
Mon, 18 Apr 2011 00:47:20 GMT
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Thousands of Pakistanis have taken to the streets in the port city of Karachi to condemn the Bahraini and Saudi troops' crackdown on anti-regime protesters in Bahrain.

The outraged demonstrators gathered in the city center on Sunday to show solidarity with the Bahraini people and called on the Pakistani government to cut its ties with the totalitarian regime, a Press TV correspondent reported.

The protesters also expressed indignation at the international community, including Pakistan's government, for keeping silence about the brutal clampdown of Bahraini civilians.

“Once again the United Nations is turning a deaf ear to the atrocities committed by Saudi troops in Bahrain and demand the UN to take practical measures to stop the crimes,” Nazir Abbas Taqvi from the Shia Ulema Council said.

“Our main resolution is to condemn all the cruel governments, including the Saudi and Bahraini governments, that are doing their activities in favor of America, the West and Israel,” a demonstrator said.

According to the Bahrain Center for Human Rights in Manama, there have been reports of torture and injuries by those detained by Bahrain government forces. Some have even died while in custody.

Anti-Saudi sentiment is rising in Bahrain, where people are calling for an end to more than two centuries of Al Khalifa royal family's rule in the Persian Gulf state.

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