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'Oldest South American textile found'
Thu, 14 Apr 2011 09:51:42 GMT
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Guitarrero Cave, Andes Mountains
Scientists say textiles and rope fragments found in Peru's Guitarrero Cave in the Andes Mountains are the oldest ever found in South America.

The textiles were found thirty years go along with some other artifacts which were dated to around 12,000 years ago , EurekAlert reported.

According to a report published in Current Anthropology, the textiles were not dated and recent human and geological activity in the cave have made it difficult to determine an exact date for them.

Previous radiocarbon dates taken from bone, obsidian, and charcoal were also not very much reliable because the items are known to sometimes produce inaccurate radiocarbon ages.

"By dating the textiles themselves, we were able to confirm their antiquity and refine the timing of the early occupation of the Andes highlands," said leader of the research from Mercyhurst College Edward Jolie.

Using accelerated mass spectrometry, Jolie's team dated the textiles to a time between 12,100 and 11,080 years ago.

Studies showed that the pieces of woven fabrics were possibly used for bags, baskets, wall or floor coverings, or bedding left by settlers from lower altitude areas during "periodic forays" into the mountains.

"Guitarrero Cave's location at a lower elevation in a more temperate environment as compared with the high Andean [plain] made it an ideal site for humans to camp and provision themselves for excursions to even higher altitudes," scientists write in their report.

Bundles of processed plant material found in the cave suggest that weaving occurred on site and therefore, women lived among these earliest high altitude explorers.

"Given what we know about textile and basket production in other cultures, there's a good possibility that it would have been women doing this work," Jolie said.

"There's an assumption that these early forays into the mountains must have been made exclusively by men," he added.

"It appears that might not be the case, though more work needs to be done to prove it," he concluded.

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