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UK rock yields 'remarkable' fossils
Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:47:43 GMT
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The rock contains the fossilised footprints of three different dinosaurs.
Scientists have found a boulder with three different fossilized dinosaur footprints, which provides evidence about life on the Isle of Wight 130 million years ago.

The 50kg rock was found by Dr. Steve Sweetman of the University of Portsmouth on the largest English island which is famous for its fossils.

"It is a remarkable fossil providing tantalizing evidence of the existence of animals for which we have the merest scraps of bones,” Sweetman said about his discovery.

The find includes prints of an adult iguanodon, a theropod and a baby iguanodon-like dinosaur, the state-funded BBC reported.

The Isle of Wight boasts many remarkable fossils because its habitat provided ideal conditions for dinosaurs.

According to Dr. Sweetman, the rock provides footprints 45cm wide and 50cm long belonging to a large iguanodon plant-eating dinosaur who was wandering in a muddy riverbank.

"There are hundreds of footprints on the beach at Brook Bay but it's extraordinary to find three in one, and the little theropod print is unique,” he said.

"It was a truly busy place teeming with life and, in the shadow of the large dinosaurs, tiny ones of all shapes and sizes were also thriving," Sweetman added.

Dr. Sweetman has removed the rock and will donate it to the island's Dinosaur Isle Museum.

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