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30 militants killed in Pakistan
Sat, 09 Apr 2011 06:24:02 GMT
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Pakistani AH-1 Cobra helicopters
Dozens of Pakistani militants have been killed and several others injured after security forces attacked their strongholds in Pakistan's northwestern tribal region.

Local sources told Press TV that Pakistani fighter jets and helicopter gunships pounded militant hideouts in the Swaran and Metahi sectors of Mohmand Agency on Friday, killing 30 militants and injuring several others.

Security forces also destroyed three militant hideouts in the bombardment and regained control of some major areas the militants had formerly seized.

On Thursday at least 50 militants and 4 security officers lost their lives in separate clashes in the border region.

“As many as 50 militants were killed and scores of others were injured when [security] forces pounded militant hideouts, using helicopter gunships and artillery in different parts of Saafi and Baizai in Mohmand,” a Press TV correspondent reported.

Mohmand region has been a hotbed of violence and the focus of multiple army operations for years. Its location around the border makes it a valuable transit point for militants seeking to travel to Afghanistan, where the US-led forces have clashed with the Taliban.

Reports of fighting incidents in the tribal area shows that militants in the region retain significant ability to coordinate and mount attacks despite numerous military offensives launched against them.

Pakistan has stepped up its operations against the militants in the country's northwest and tribal belt, a region branded by Washington as an al-Qaeda safe haven.

However, in recent months, pro-Taliban groups have, likewise, stepped up their attacks on police forces in what is viewed as retaliation for a recent Pakistani offensive against them.

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