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Opposition boycotts Kurdistan parliament
Wed, 06 Apr 2011 19:52:23 GMT
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Semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan's parliament
Opposition parties In Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region have boycotted the parliament's scheduled discussion for this year's budget.

The opposition says the budget proposed by the ruling coalition lacks transparency in various contracts and involves widespread corruption and nepotism.

The move follows weeks of massive street protests against corruption in the semi-autonomous Iraqi Kurdistan. The demonstrators also demanded the resignation of key figures governing the region.

“Our intentions are clear; we stand by the people who are unsatisfied with the system and who are protesting. Since the parliament is unwilling to address the complaints of the demonstrators, we have decided to boycott this crucial session of parliament,” Abdulah Nuri from Change List told Press TV.

However, because Massoud Barzani's Kurdistan Democratic Party and Jalal Talebani's Patriotic Union of Kurdistan political parties account for the absolute majority in the parliament, the ruling coalition can easily pass any legislation.

"The absence of opposition inside these meetings does not affect our sessions or their legality. I call on the opposition MPs to think twice before taking such actions and come back to the parliament and not to be affected by people protesting in the streets," Sherwan Haydar from Kurdistan List told Press TV.

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