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Aspirin may lower pancreatic cancer risk
Wed, 06 Apr 2011 06:34:08 GMT
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Taking a tablet of aspirin even once per month, whether low-dose or full strength, appears to be associated with a lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer.

A new study conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester has shown that taking the full-strength aspirin could be linked to a 26 percent reduction in the risk of pancreatic cancer, while low-dose aspirin intake may reduce the risk by 35 percent.

The research focused on 2,128 adults over 55, who were divided into two groups: 904 pancreatic cancer patients and 1,224 healthy individuals as the control group.

Patients were asked about their use of aspirin, other anti-inflammatory drugs, and the painkiller, acetaminophen. However, the findings showed no benefit from any of the drugs apart from aspirin, according to the report presented at the American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2011.

"This provides additional evidence that aspirin may have chemoprevention activity against pancreatic cancer," said lead researcher Dr. Xiang-Lin Tan.

However, he warned "the results are not meant to suggest everyone should start taking aspirin once monthly to reduce their risk of pancreatic cancer. Individuals should discuss use of aspirin with their physicians because the drug carries some side effects."

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