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Oil spill contained in Persian Gulf
Sat, 19 Feb 2011 15:26:31 GMT
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Head of Iran's Environmental Protection Organization (IEPO) says the Persian Gulf oil spill has been contained and the contaminated areas have been isolated.

“Iran's Oil Ministry and the Environmental Protection Organization have successfully stopped the oil slick and the polluted areas have been isolated,” Mohammad-Javad Mohammadizadeh told Iran's Youth Journalist Club.

The oil slick began to spread after the Aghajari-Goureh pipeline in the port city of Daylam in Iran's southern province of Bushehr began leaking due to decay.

The spill was stopped by changing the route of the pipeline one day after the incident, but it entered the Persian Gulf as a result of flooding and polluted about 25 kilometers of the Daylam coast.

The oil slick has contaminated more than 20 hectares of Persian Gulf waters and 700 hectares of farmland in Bushehr Province, Mohammadizadeh explained saying that the Oil Ministry has to compensate the damages caused by the incident.

Dr. Mohammad Baqer Nabavi, an official with IEPO, earlier announced that it would take at least two months to clean up the oil spill.

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