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'Iran's Fajr satellite ready to launch'
Fri, 18 Feb 2011 16:37:46 GMT
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Iran's Electronic Industry Managing Director Ebrahim Mahmoudzadeh
Iran's Electronics Industry (IEI) says it has delivered domestically-built Fajr satellite to the country's Aerospace Industries Organization, adding that the device is ready to launch.

“This satellite is capable of staying in space for a year and a half and providing and transmitting pictures with a resolution of 500-1000 meters to stations on earth,” IEI Managing Director Ebrahim Mahmoudzadeh said, ISNA quoted on Friday.

He said the design and quality of the solar cells used on the body of the satellite have increased the durability of the satellite to 1.5 years.

The national Fajr (dawn) satellite weighs 50 km and will be placed in elliptical orbit of 250-400 km in radius and enjoys the specifications of professional radar.

Fajr, the new generation of Omid (Hope) satellite also designed and built by Iranian experts, is technically characterized by an orbit which could promote from 250 to 400 km through a thruster or an engine and have a greater elevation in elliptical orbit, Mahmoudzadeh added.

Regarding the camera mounted on the satellite, the IEI chief said the device was developed by the company is capable of taking pictures from various distances and at any time. IEI has produced a 20-meter resolution camera which will be installed on another Iranian-made satellite, called Tolou (Rise), he added.

“Fajr is also equipped with a domestically-made GPS navigation system which is seen as a new achievement,” he said.

The prototype satellite has passed pre-flight tests and is ready to launch, the IEI chief added.

Fajr satellite will be employed for testing systems and professional navigation in space while the pictures it transmits could be used in surveying and meteorological research work.

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