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Jordan, Turkey ink nuclear agreement
Fri, 18 Feb 2011 10:38:17 GMT
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Jordan and Turkey have signed a nuclear cooperation agreement.
Jordan and Turkey have signed a nuclear cooperation agreement in the field of use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and nuclear security.

"The signing of the agreement is a milestone in relations between Jordan and Turkey and it attracts further international support for Jordan's nuclear program," Xinhua quoted Khaled Toukan, minister of energy and mineral resources of Jordan as saying on Thursday.

"The signing of several nuclear agreements with different countries provides Jordan with a political cover and necessary support as we live in a sensitive part of the world," Toukan added.

Based on the agreement, the two countries would exchange knowhow and cooperation in the operation, renewal and maintenance of nuclear reactors, as well as exploring uranium and developing nuclear safety and security.

President of the Turkish Atomic Energy Authority Thafer Alber has expressed the willingness of his country to provide Jordanian students and experts with training at specialized Turkish facilities.

According to the agreement, a joint working group would be formed to implement a series of projects in the field of scientific research and exchange of technical and scientific expertise.

Jordan has signed nuclear cooperation agreements with several countries including France, South Korea, China, Canada, Russia, Britain, Spain, Argentina, Japan, Romania and Italy.

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