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West politicizing Ashtiani case
Wed, 12 Jan 2011 01:10:35 GMT
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Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani (L) and her son Sajjad Qaderzadeh
Western media outlets have politicized the case of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian woman convicted of murder and adultery, to demonize the Islamic Republic.

Press TV's Iran Today program aired a special edition about the Ashtiani case on January 11 at 20:30 GMT to show how international media outlets manipulated the story to overshadow the more important issue, which is the murder case.

Ashtiani was found guilty of murdering her husband, Ibrahim Asgharzadeh, in collusion with Isa Taheri, a man with whom she had an affair before the murder.

She confessed to being an accomplice in the murder of her husband and to having committed adultery in 2006, but some Western media outlets, and particularly The Guardian, used the case as a propaganda tool to make Iran look bad.

Iran has often pointed out that the dissemination of half-truths about the case by Western officials and media outlets is part of a Western campaign to undermine the Islamic Republic system.

On Iran Today's previous program on Ashtiani, which was aired on December 10 and 11, the woman recounted details about how her husband was killed at the crime scene.

As soon as the program aired, Mina Ahadi, who is leading the campaign to free Ashtiani, announced that “we have got news from Iran that they are free.” She was referring to Ashtiani and her son Sajjad Qaderzadeh, who was also in prison at the time.

Some Western media outlets quoted the campaign and claimed that Ashtiani had been released without contacting any Iranian officials to confirm the report. Ahadi then rejected the report about the release of the two, without mentioning the fact that she was the one who started the rumor.

Qaderzadeh served more than a month in prison for participating in an illegal interview with two German nationals, who had entered Iran on tourist visas and never obtained official press credentials from Iran.

The two German citizens were arrested in October in Tabriz for conducting the unauthorized interview with Qaderzadeh.

Ashtiani and her son have said they plan to take legal action against the two Germans. Qaderzadeh has also threatened to sue his lawyers, who encouraged him to agree to participate in the interview.

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