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US blizzard to wreak havoc in E Canada
Mon, 27 Dec 2010 23:09:55 GMT
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A massive snow storm with large snow drifts has halted transportation activities at some key US airports and stranded thousands of passengers.
A powerful snowstorm which paralyzed much of northeast America is heading toward eastern Canada where it has already begun to dump huge amounts of snow.

The storm that pummeled northeast US on Sunday subsided on December 27 and moved toward eastern coast of Canada with the same gust of winds and frosty chill, US media reported.

The blizzard crippled large areas of northeast America and shut down major New York airports, shuttering transports and stranding holiday passengers at airports.

Some 2,000 flights were cancelled in America's blizzard-hit region.

Meanwhile, officials in eastern Canada said the blizzard was already dumping heavy amounts of snow and forcing the cancellation of flights from Fredericton and Moncton (two cities in the eastern province of New Brunswick). Some 40,000 homes lost electricity, AFP reported.

According to the report, the weather service predicted "winds with gusts upwards of 55 miles per hour (90 km/h) will cause widespread blowing snow, which will reduce visibilities to near zero in these regions."

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