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Iran, Italy to create artworks on Mani
Mon, 22 Nov 2010 17:46:46 GMT
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A work by Silvia Stucky
Iran's Paris Tanzifi is set to collaborate with Italian painter Silvia Stucky in a conceptual and digital art project about Persian Prophet Mani.

"After an exhibition of Stucky's works in Tehran, we decided to find a common favorite theme and work on it together," Tanzifi told ISNA.

Best known for her conceptual paintings, Silvia Stucky does not rely very much on technique and presents her themes in the form of installations.

According to Tanzifi, Stucky's work is intertwined with Eastern concepts and their cultural interests have inspired them to work on a joint project.

“Stucky's works mostly present eastern themes and I have experimented with western themes in my digital art works, so we decided to choose a famous eastern figure and present him through our personal artistic perspective,” she said.

Tanzifi also said that the joint project will present works inspired by ideas and philosophical words of Mani.

"Mani is an ancient painter whose philosophy has reached us through his words," she said. "His ideas connect the West and the East, so we decided to present these ideas in the form of conceptual artistic creations in Italy."

There are no exact details of Mani's life, but historians agree on the fact that he was a Persian prophet and founder of Manichaeism.

Mani wrote six major works in Syriac and Shabuhragan in Middle Persian, which he dedicated to Sassanid king Shapur I.

Although none of his books have survived in complete form, there remain numerous fragments and quotations of them, including the Book of Giants which contains numerous fragments in many languages.

His other works include the Fundamental Epistle (quoted in length by Saint Augustine), a number of fragments of his Living Gospel, a Syriac excerpt quoted by the 8th century exegete and apologist, Theodore Bar Konai, and his Letter to Edessa contained in the Cologne Mani-Codex.

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