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6 die in Peru plane crash
Sun, 03 Oct 2010 03:05:12 GMT
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The Nazca Lines are strange lines and ornaments located across the Nazca desert.
Four British tourists and two Peruvian crew members were killed when their plane crashed in an overflight of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peru.

According to AFP, the plane slammed into a field on Saturday night, apparently after it could not make an emergency landing near the Nazca Lines tourist attraction, 460 kilometers south of Lima, police officials said.

Plane crashes are common in the area as private pilots offer overflights with poor safety precautions.

In February, four Peruvians and three Chileans were killed in another plane crash over the region. In April 2008, a similar incident claimed the lives of five French tourists.

The Nazca Lines are a complex of strange lines and ornaments stretching 80 kilometers across the Nazca desert and are only discernable from high altitudes.

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