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Scots to abolish double jeopardy law
Mon, 16 Aug 2010 08:17:50 GMT
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The Scottish government is set to amend an 800-year-old law which rules a person should not be put on trial twice for the same crime .

Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Justice Kenny MacAskill has been examining the case since March on a proposal by the Scottish Law Commission after World's End murders convict, Angus Sinclair, was cleared of his charges in 200.

Scrapping the law will allow a second prosecution of Sinclair for the rape and murder of two teenagers in 1977.

The acquittal of Sinclair in August 2007 provoked public outrage with MacAskill saying the World's End case "scarred the soul of Scotland".

The law commission had proposed that the law amendment scraps the double jeopardy rule for cases related to murder, rape and some other serious sexual crimes.

The government, however, has moved to include other serious offences including culpable homicide in its bill while allowing any such case to be reopened when new and strong evidence becomes available.

The Scottish assembly is unanimously backing the law reform.


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