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Toronto protests as G20 convenes
Sat, 26 Jun 2010 09:46:26 GMT
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Canada police confront a large crowd protesting G20 summit in Toronto on Friday.
About 2,000 anti-poverty demonstrators have marched through Toronto's streets in protest against the G20 Summit, which is being held in the city.

They were calling for the abolishment of the G20 and rallying over issues from poverty to women's rights on Friday, AP reported.

The crowd was the largest in a string of demonstrations, held in the lead-up to the G8 summit, which began Friday in Huntsville, Ontario, and the G20 summit that opened in Toronto on Saturday.

The crowd hit the streets Friday evening, chanting slogans such as "fight the war on the poor, make the rich pay." Officers in full riot gear stood by, watching the demonstrators.

Anti-poverty demonstrators had attempted to march south towards the security zone where the G20 summit's venue is located, but were turned back when police with shields blocked their way.

Moreover, according to the organizers, their biggest rally is yet to come. Planned for late Saturday afternoon, it will take place in a Toronto park north of the downtown security zone that encircles the G20 venue.

Organizers used social media sites such as Twitter to post updates as the demonstration unfolded.

The G20 group represents 85 percent of the global economy.

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