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Inquiry: Tasing Pole to death shameful
Sat, 19 Jun 2010 13:55:29 GMT
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Manufacturers claims taser stun guns are safer alternatives to firearms.
The death of a Polish immigrant who was tasered by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has been described as a "shameful conduct" by the force, says an inquiry.

Robert Dziekanski was killed in October 2007 shortly after he was repeatedly exposed to a taser stun gun by four RCMP officers.

"This case is, at its heart, the story of shameful conduct by a few officers," inquiry head Thomas Braidwood wrote in his report, which also accuses the officers of making misleading statements to justify their actions, Reuters reported.

"Mister Dziekanski in no way brought this upon himself," Braidwood, a retired provincial judge, told reporters in Vancouver.

The inquiry said the RCMP officers handled the situation as if they were responding to a "barroom brawl."

"He was not aggressive in any manner," Braidwood added.

An amateur video of the taser incident which was circulated around the world, showed Dziekanski screaming on the floor to his death.

The video caused an international fury.

In its original statement the Canadian police had claimed that to subdue the polish immigrant they had to shoot him.

The manufacturer of the electroshock weapon, TASER International Inc has called on Canadian court to reject the report.

The company claims there is no evidence the stun gun has killed anybody, and that the weapon is a safer substitute to firearms.

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