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Scatterbrains and Gagging Orders
Thu, 03 Jun 2010 10:13:10 GMT
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By Kian Mokhtari
Funny how democracy has begun to draw its own red lines and no-go areas; it's a bit like a catch 22 situation. One has to promise to see things in a certain way before it can taste Western democracy.

A person could be fined or incarcerated for refusing to believe fairytales -and is that not a harp back to the "good old days" of Inquisition? During the infamous witch-hunts in Europe, if you died under torture, by fire, or drowning you'd not be considered a witch -utter madness.

And yet the Inquisition has had many rebirths in the Western world. The loony McCarthyite Communist witch-hunt was one. And I won't even dare approach the other burning issue for fear of being burnt, drowned, tortured or worse…forced to live in Gaza.

You have to believe…although commonsense rejects all the indoctrination.

In North Korea the "Great Leader" cult also asks you to believe that Kim's bloodline is close to heavenly perfection. In Cambodia undying belief in Khmer Rouge was a prerequisite to staying alive. And so on and so forth.

But undying belief often heralds hard labor and pitiful returns to feed the family with. Undying belief has brought all who believed -without exception- either first class deaths or third class lives.

Undying belief invaded Poland, it bombed Hiroshima; undying belief poisoned Vietnam with defoliants, it killed a million in Iraq and stormed an aid flotilla bound for Gaza in international waters.

The distinguished record of undying belief includes extermination of entire races simply because they exist. Rwandan genocide was another "luminous" example of what undying belief can do.

Democracy is now gagging humanity with its undying belief in its own self-righteousness. And the scatterbrain attempts to make sense of the puzzling account of history -as approved by Western democracies- is on course to call for yet more undying beliefs…and first class deaths.
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