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Study: British parties lack clear plan
Tue, 27 Apr 2010 20:22:13 GMT
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The trio of main party rivals have been sketched during a campain festival.
The three mainstream parties of Britain have failed to set out clearly the objectives of their plans for rescuing the country from the economic meltdown, a study shows.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), a respected UK economic research organization, has conducted a research, targeting the three main party schemes on a variety of economic issues hounding Britain's future, ranging from the deficit and tax to public spending.

On the hot-button issue of the plans on tax and spending , the IFS director, Robert Chote said: “For the voters to be able to make an informed choice in this election, the parties need to explain clearly how they would go about achieving it. Unfortunately, they have not.”

“The blame for that lies primarily with the government for refusing to hold a Spending Review before the election.”

He also brushed aside speculations that the biggest reductions in spending on public services could be avoided if a particular party with certain set of schemes wins the general election.

According to Chote, the biggest cuts would be inevitable, no matter which party gains the majority of votes on the election day.

The IFS director also lashed out at the Conservative's plans to scrap the proposed increase in the National Insurance Contribution (NIC), arguing that “the Conservatives would not improve matters. They would partially reverse what is probably Labour's least bad tax increase and add new complexities and distortions of their own.”

On their campaign trail, the Labour and Liberal Democrats have championed their plans to save the country an estimated £71bn a year through reductions in spending. The Tories would begin cutting this year.

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