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Lib Dems closer to Tories in polls
Tue, 27 Apr 2010 16:24:12 GMT
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The three mainstream party leaders from left to right: Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg
An opinion poll shows that Britain's Liberal Democratic Party appears undaunted by a surge of criticism from both the Labour and Conservative parties.

According to the latest ComRes survey for The Independent and ITV News, the Liberal Democratic Party has successfully narrowed the conservative's lead gained after Tory leader David Cameron outshone his contenders in a televised debate last Thursday.

The poll indicated that the Tories were slightly ahead by 32 percent -- down two points since the weekend--, while the Liberal Democrats were trailing by 31 percent -- up two points.

Meanwhile, the Labour is struggling to remain as a defining force in the now three-horse race by 28 percent.

This is the highest rating for the Liberal Democratic Party since 2004 when ComRes began its polling across the UK.

If repeated evenly across the country on May 6 general election, the results would leave the Labour party 58 seats short of an overall majority, making the formation of a hung government inevitable.

Still, the Labour would remain the biggest party with 268 MPs, compared to 238 MPs for the Conservatives and 112 MPs for the Liberal Democrats.

The figures come as the Labour and Conservative parties have turned their guns at the Liberal Democratic Party, whose surge in support has raised the prospect of a hung parliament.

However, according to ComRes figures, only 20 percent of voters have expressed interest in a hung government, while 72 percent of those interviewed have favored one party to secure the majority of votes.


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