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Most Asians likely to shun UK elections
Mon, 19 Apr 2010 13:56:40 GMT
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Thirty-five percent of those surveyed, chose Prime Minster Gordon Brown, when asked which political leader they would invite into their homes for a curry
As British parities battle to avoid a hung parliament in the upcoming elections, a new survey suggests fewer than half of all Asians in Britain are likely to vote.

The ICM poll published on Monday says the general elections seem set to inspire only 44% of the Asian population to cast ballots on May 6. Recent polls by the same surveyor show a likely turnout of 55% from the general population.

Acceding to the poll, the historic vote in the United States that elected the country's first African American president does not seem to have heartened the Asian communities in Britain of an even chance.

Despite an unprecedented 89 Asian candidates standing for the main parties, four in ten deem an Asian Prime Minister in Britain as impossible and only 15% are prepared to risk their votes.

The poll conducted over the Easter period for the digital radio station BBC Asian Network, based its finding on a survey of 500 adults aged over 18 from Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi backgrounds.

Levels of enthusiasm varied significantly among ethnic groups, with 51% of people of Indian origin keen on voting, compared to the 39 percent of Bangladeshis and 38 percent of Pakistanis.

Notably, 56% of those surveyed believe the elected Prime Minister, the most popular candidate of the Asian ethnic groups, should be tougher on immigration.

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