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Canada win over US marred by protests
Mon, 01 Mar 2010 16:28:02 GMT
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Canada's homeless activists have taken advantage of the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics to take to streets of downtown Vancouver and raise awareness about the dire need for social housing.

Hundreds of protesters staged a peaceful demonstration on Sunday while Canada defeated the United States 3-2 on the ice on the last day of the games.

"The timing may appear awkward," said Eric Doherty, who represented a group that opposed highway expansion because of the games, AP reported.

"But this is sort of our closing ceremony. We put out effort into the start of the games. This is capping it off, so to speak."

On the first day of the games around 1,500 people turned up to express opposition against Canada's hosting of the high-profile games.

On Sunday's demonstration, protesters held up signs reading "Homes Not Games," which were telltale stories showing Canada's fragile state of public housing.

"Shame on you Canada! Shame on our government!" said Stella August, a Canadian woman who addressed the crowd.

The march was organized by the Olympic Resistance Network, an umbrella group for many causes surrounding the games, ranging from environmental to economic issues.

"People are here. We're sending the Olympics off. We're glad they're gone and we're here to celebrate that," the Canadian Press quoted one protester as saying.

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