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Canadian student ship sinks near Brazil
Fri, 19 Feb 2010 18:24:56 GMT
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The tall Concordia failed to stand high winds.
A Canadian student ship has sunk off the Brazilian coast but all 64 people onboard, including crew members, have survived the accident.

The SV Concordia could not withstand high winds and huge waves in a rough sea some 300 miles (550 km) off the Brazilian coast late on Thursday when the Brazilian Navy went to their rescue.

"The navy received a distress call from the ship and sent reconnaissance aircraft," said Commander Romualdo, a Brazilian Navy spokesman, according to AFP.

So far, "64 students, teachers and crew members have been rescued" and are in good health, he said, adding that he was unable to confirm the total number of people on board the ship.

The 190-foot, 18-year-old ship, which belongs to the West Island Class Afloat alternative school in Montreal, was carrying high school seniors and first-year university students.

It departed from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, on its most recent educational voyage, a UPI report suggested.

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